2021 Update: our volunteer needs and structures continue to evolve as we respond to the Covid 19 pandemic. Please contact Johanna Ledesma for the most recent information about volunteer opportunities.


Can you remember the teachers, mentors, or coaches that impacted you? This is an opportunity to bring who you are - your talents, interests, education, and experiences - and have that same impact on a young person today.

Volunteers allow The GreenHouse to provide the individualized attention and care that students deeply need. One-on-one tutoring provides kids and teens with the necessary time, space and academic support for completing homework and developing reading skills. Kids also benefit from regular relationships with positive adult role models who know, love, and encourage them.

And it's not just good for the kids... it's good for the adults too! People who give generously of their time and money are statistically more happy than people who don’t. We are made for connection and meaning in our lives, and the relationships that GreenHouse volunteers make with kids and youth here are deeply enriching on both sides.

For more information: please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Johanna Ledesma at johanna.thegreenhouse@gmail.com or call 916-402-7978.

To volunteer, download an application and contact Johanna to set up an interview.