Teen Programs

R4 is a teen after-school program for 7th-9th grade students. The youth in R4 have access to qualified tutors and volunteers who not only help their academic learning, but also walk with them as they develop emotionally and socially. R4 also goes on fun and educational field trips to college campuses, local farms, and other fun places around Sacramento.

Encore is a leadership development program for high school students.  Participants meet biweekly to discuss relevant topics, learn life skills, and participate in community projects and service activities. Mentors and teens also have opportunities to volunteer for The GreenHouse’s annual events, lead activities in the broader GreenHouse community, and go on special field-trips.

Oasis is an evening, faith-based youth group, offering teens a place of refuge in the middle of their week where they can hang out with friends, play games, learn about God, and be mentored by caring adult volunteers.

Liquid is a summer program that provides 7th-9th graders with regular opportunities to learn, be creative, develop academic and interpersonal skills, and build positive relationships with their peers and community.

Summer internships for 10th-12th graders provide forty hours of hands-on career exploration and learning during the summer in fields like web design, culinary arts, photography and digital communications, and recreation leadership. Teens build skills, develop their resumes, and receive a stipend at the completion of the internship.

For more information: please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Gabe Benson, at gabe.thegreenhouse@gmail.com or at (916) 402-7978.

To volunteer, download an application and contact Gabe to set up an interview.