Happy 2020! This year, The GreenHouse is stepping into a new season, shaped by our 2020 Listening Campaign. Eighteen years ago, The GreenHouse grew out of listening and responding to the hopes and desires of families on this unique block. Now, after listening again, we are ready to grow in a new direction in response to our community's current needs and priorities.

The DNA that makes The GreenHouse unique remains at our core. We will continue to offer high-quality, year-round, holistic programs for kids and teens, rooted in deep, committed mentoring relationships. We are committed to seeing youth grow and develop emotionally, academically, spiritually, and physically. Our new step in response to community feedback is to extend this holistic work to include parents as well.

What does that look like? We're moving from the model on the left below, which engages parents as a secondary focus, to the model on the right. This new model recognizes that real transformation in kids' lives involves strengthening the whole family. We plan to hire a Parent Engagement Director, invest in deeper relationships with parents, and offer new resources in the areas of family communication and parent engagement in education.

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parent engagement

We believe that parents and guardians are their children's primary educators, and that youth development is best done in deep, ongoing partnership with families.  Parents and extended family provide leadership and build community within the GreenHouse community in countless ways, including:

Parent Council - A group of parents that meets biweekly to provide input, direction and evaluation for GreenHouse programs, build community, and coordinate special events.

Cafecitos - An summer forum in which parents meet biweekly to enjoy (iced) coffee, get to know one another more deeply, and vision for the community.

Family Events and Celebrations - Each year the GreenHouse Parents, Teen Leadership, Staff and Board collaborate to host multiple family-based celebrations throughout the year such as our annual Harvest Carnival, Christmas Posada, and Family Nights to encourage family participation and community engagement. 

We sense God's guidance in this new direction and deeply appreciate your partnership in the journey. As we take this new step, we look forward to celebrating even deeper and broader impact on kids, families, and our community!