In 2021 The GreenHouse launched a GreenHouse Graduate Scholarship fund, made possible by generous support by a few faithful, long-term partners. This scholarship will be awarded each year to youth that grew up at The GreenHouse and have gone on to college or vocational schools. GreenHouse grads, we are honored to walk with you long-term as you pursue your dreams!

Jose Salazar

studying social work at American River College

"My short term dream is to get onto the ARC soccer team and get a feel for college life so that I’m focused on my goals. As for my long term dream, I want to get my degree in social work and hopefully become a professional soccer player, and give back to the community and people that have given me so much. This next step in my education is crucial for my journey."

James Fesik

Studying Graphic design at sacramento city college

"I believe it's essential to invest time and resources in today's youth because the youth of the community can give back. I see myself investing in youth in the future by giving my time to volunteer and by sharing resources about my college experience."

scholarship recipients Fall 2022

Rey Duque

STUDYING electrical engineering at Sacramento State

"When you help youth with their current problems, they will remember what you did and aspire to give back. This is exactly how I feel as a senior in high school, hoping to give back to The GreenHouse. I see myself investing in youth by being a volunteer... to see them rise and succeed in whatever the future may hold for them."

Tim bellegarde

STUDYING at Sacramento City college

"I see myself investing in the future by letting kids know to be yourself, go for your dreams and don't let anyone define who you are. If I come back from college and have something to show, I'll tell them to go forward and never look back, and teach them things they need to know like self respect."

Scholarship recipients fall 2021

binita mehta

studying PUBLIC HEALTH at uc berkeley

"My circumstances have driven me to become a compassionate leader... which will lead me to a career in the humanitarian field. I want to define my success by the impact I have on others."

Nancy Martinez

studying social work at sac state

"I see myself helping families and youth in the future by providing resources and assisting them in any way I can. My long-term dream would be to get my Masters in Social Work."

cRYSTAL hernandez

studying nursing at Grand canyon university

"I see myself investing in youth in the future by advocating for them as a nurse. I want to get out into my community and share my story. I want to motivate the young and open their eyes like The GreenHouse did for me."