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Summer is awesome at The GreenHouse! Here's why...

Summer is creative.  Each summer, The GreenHouse offers five weeks full of amazing summer camps for kids and teens. This year, the theme is "Express Yourself!" GreenHouse youth will have the opportunity to develop their passions through a diversity of creative art activities, including ballet, watercolor, paper mache, collage, stomp, choir singing, making videos, playing the recorder, poetry, and zumba! At the end we'll have an art gallery, so parents can see all their children's creative work. 

Summer is for learning. To combat the "summer slide," GreenHouse kids participate in a "library challenge," strengthening their reading skills all summer long. This summer they'll also develop health & science skills through weekly food literacy classes about fiber, sugar, and whole grains.* GreenHouse teens will participate in book clubs and hone their math skills in our fun and experimental "Summer Cooking Camp."

Summer is for growing. As GreenHouse youth explore creative expression, they'll be developing social-emotional skills. Kids will do an "emoji check-in" every day, cultivating the ability to articulate their emotions and recognize emotions in others. Teens will participate in ten sessions of the "Too Good For Violence" program* to foster strong relational and conflict resolution skills.

Summer is full of adventures. In GreenHouse summer programs, youth go on field trips every week - an important way to expand horizons and visit places outside the neighborhood. This year's adventures include a high ropes course, kayaking, a water park, a two-day camping trip, and weekly trips to the pool.

Summer is free. High quality summer programs are profoundly important for kids - and under-served communities tend to have little access to them. At The GreenHouse, we offer five weeks of top-notch summer programming for youth right on the block where they live, absolutely free. We do this in partnership with you! Summer sponsors make these free summer programs possible.

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Thank you for your partnership in ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn and grow all summer long!

*Thanks to our partner organizations - the Food Literacy Center, and the Sacramento Children's Home - for providing such great enrichment opportunities! And thank YOU, summer sponsors, for making it all possible.