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What do Summer Programs look like in 2022?

Starting June 13, The GreenHouse is offering six weeks of Summer Camp for elementary kids and teens.   Here's a taste of what our summer programs will include:


  • Relationships. After months of adjusting to change, kids and teens will connect with caring adult mentors and their friends.  
  • Nature. Families that live in the GreenHouse apartments don't have yards, so most kids spent recent months indoors. Our programs will be completely outdoors, giving kids the chance to play with water, dig in the dirt, harvest peaches, run, and enjoy the fresh air (while social distancing)!
  • Hands-on Learning. Using individual bags of supplies, kids will mix and measure in cooking projects, build STEM designs, conduct chemistry experiments, and join the library reading challenge. Teens have weekly incentives to advance in math and reading through online and in-person activities.
  • Mental Wellness. Through partnership with a licensed clinician, we are weaving in a weekly discussion about mental health and tools for managing stress and anxiety. Youth will learn the "butterfly hug" for calming their bodies, the "container" tool for dealing with hurtful words, and more.
  • Creativity. During morning sessions, youth will work with clay, hold percussion circles, draw and journal in sketchbooks, and paint. In the afternoons, GreenHouse staff will hold online creative workshops, dropping supplies off on students' doorsteps in advance. 
  • Connecting with God. In a time of "shifting sand" under our feet, experiencing God's love as our foundation makes all the difference. Teens will be invited to meet weekly in the evening at the park for prayer and Scripture study.

The coronavirus pandemic is costly for everyone, but its consequences for children's development are profound. Access to high-quality, supportive summer programs will make a powerful difference in kids' lives right now.

Join us in having a real impact this summer!

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