R4, an after-school program for junior and senior high students, offers youth a safe and fun place after-school to hang out with friends, learn new skills, and get assistance with homework.

The four Rs in R4 stand for: Relationships (building positive relationships with peers and mentors), Reading/Writing/Arithmetic (achieving greater competency in academic skills), Resources (accessing the resources needed to achieve future success), and Realizing (realizing our full potential together). 

This school year, R4 participants will work on improving vocabulary skills, will learn college entrance requirements, and will visit local college campuses.

Leaders in Training (L.I.T.) provides opportunities for youth to become involved in leadership at The GreenHouse. A small team of youth (grades 9-12) is selected to meet monthly to share ideas, plan events, develop their potential, and learn tools for a successful future.   

Oasis, an evening, faith-based youth group, offers teens a place of refuge in the middle of their week where they can hang out with friends, play games, learn about God, and be mentored by caring adult volunteers.

Liquid, provides a safe, nurturing environment during the summer where teens can learn, be creative, have fun, connect and build positive relationships with their peers and community.