In April 2001, the Sacramento Bee ran a front-page story revealing a staggering Census 2000 finding: a single neighborhood block with 567 kids living on it, more people under 18 per capita than any other urbanized block in the six county region.  The article described some of the challenges and opportunities of this low-income block of three, four, and five bedroom apartments.  One father from the neighborhood was quoted, "I've got seven kids myself. The lady over there has eight and the lady next door has nine."   A grandmother of eight kids on the block added, "A lot of these children are coming from one-parent families and they are not getting that attention and love that they need."

After reading the article, Kacie Stratton and some volunteers from a local church (Sanctuary Covenant) felt drawn to this community and wondered if they might be able to bring some of that needed "attention and love" to the neighborhood. These volunteers began going to the park across the street, Ninos Park, on the weekends to play games and build relationships with kids while offering support and a helping hand to the parents. After hearing their stories and seeing their incredible potential, these volunteers began to dream about a place that could represent health, hope, and renewal for this community.

This dream became reality in July 2002 when The GreenHouse was born. The GreenHouse is a community enrichment center that was formed to help unlock the inherent resources of this neighborhood and transform it from one that is merely surviving into one that is thriving.

2001 Ninos Park Play Days begin through Sanctuary Covenant Church
2002 The GreenHouse is incoporated as a 501c3 organization
         Harvest Carnival and Melvin's Hope Christmas Project begin
2003 Doors open to our elementary after-school program
2004 Teen after-school program is started
2005 Teen youth group, Oasis, is started
2007 "Difference Maker" Award for Programs for Children from MLK Jr. Celebration Committee
         Leaders in Training team is formed
2008 Youth group for 5th and 6th grade, Club 56, is started
2009 Governor Schwarzennegar and Mayor Johnson visit The GreenHouse - watch video here
         Mentoring program begins
2010 "Pillar of Promise" Award from e:merge for Providing a Healthy Start
         Volunteer of the Year award from Nonprofit Resource Center
         Youth Action Team with Youth Development Network is started
         Youth Board Member added to our Board of Directors
         Former youth participant is hired as GreenHouse Staff
2011 Parent Action Team is formed
         GreenHouse Garden is started
2012 Oasis Games with Sacramento Waldorf School
         Youth Video Project with S. Natomas Library documenting the history of Gardenland/Northgate
2013 Operation: Restore and Revive The Clubhouse Begins!
         NARI helps with Clubhouse renovation
         New Executive Director is hired