Evergreen is an after-school tutoring and enrichment program that provides first through sixth graders with a safe, fun, and nurturing environment to do homework, improve academic skills, and participate in recreational activities.  Children are paired with a volunteer "Study Buddy" who helps them with homework and forms a mentoring relationship with them.  On Fridays, Evergreen students participate in workshops such as community gardening, cooking, and sewing. 

Club 56 is a faith-based youth group offers youth in 5th and 6th grade a place to grow spiritually, in the formation of their character, and in ethical decision-making.  Students meet in small groups with mentors to laugh, learn, ask questions, discuss, and grow.  

Adventure Zone provides kids with an five-week summer day camp. This program provides recreation, academic enrichment, arts workshops, pool days, and field trips to kids in the summertime.