There are so many great reasons to attend Kids At Heart.

Below you'll find five of the reasons that make this event truly special.

  • You've never seen anything quite like

    the Kids At Heart "dessert auction."

    The Kids At Heart cake auction is an absolutely unique experience -- folks bidding wildly on cakes, all for a good cause! This year the Kids At Heart cake auction is evolving to become a "dessert auction," as several GreenHouse families contribute delicious desserts from their own cultures and traditions. Get ready to try some amazing new flavors, all in the name of supporting kids, teens and families!

  • You'll get to play with legos... seriously.

    This year's event will feature new, interactive displays lining the room, to give you a taste of what goes on at The GreenHouse day-to-day. You'll get to thumb through books, see kids' artwork, witness the most recent harvest from our educational garden, hold rocks from our recent "David & Goliath" lesson. And we'll have some of our new Lego Robotics sets there, with teen experts who will show you out to use them! How fun is that?

  • The Spectacular Seventeen Silent Auction.

    To commemorate our seventeenth annual Kids At Heart event, we're holding a "Spectacular Seventeen Silent Auction," featuring seventeen truly remarkable packages or experiences. Want to film action events on a GoPro? Enjoy a relaxing day of steam rooms, saunas, and soak pools? Try a "new riders" course with Harley Davidson? This is an auction you won't want to miss!

  • You get to hear it from the youth themselves.

    It's one thing for adults to talk about youth development, and it's something else for youth to tell the story themselves. At Kids At Heart, you'll get to hear from some amazing young people - both teens and graduates - about their experience growing up in the GreenHouse community. And some special teens are making a video to share the GreenHouse "news" with you at the event ... you won't want to miss this unique glimpse into their creativity and leadership.

  • You get to be part of something truly meaningful.

    Kids At Heart is about coming together to invest in the lives of our most precious resource: our community's children. We believe that each child is unique, loved by God, and capable of great things. On May 31, you'll have the opportunity to celebrate and participate in the deep, long-term  work of real neighborhood transformation in this beautiful community. Click here to purchase tickets and join us!