Melvin's Hope

Our Melvin's Hope Christmas Event will be on Saturday, December 15th this year.    We have asked each family with children in the community what toys each of their children would like.

Please join us for a "Wrap Party" on December 13th from 6-8:30 pm, when neighborhood parents, staff, and volunteers will wrap all of the gifts donated by local churches and other partners.   Then, on Saturday Dec 15th, parents from the community and some local volunteers will hand-deliver the gifts to families in the neighborhood.

This format provides more opportunities for real connections with neighborhood families, and allows GreenHouse parents and local volunteers the chance to build relationships as they work side by side together.  It also gives parents in the community the joy of watching their kids open gifts on Christmas morning that they've selected.

If you are interested in helping volunteer for our "wrapping party" on December 16th or to purchase a giftcard to help buy gifts for neighborhood youth, please contact Brenda at

See link here to the original Melvin's Hope story.  It will move you!